Frankfurter Allgemeine

Full-page illustration for the Frankfurter Allgemeine under the title “Umbau der Energielandschaft” (Rebuilding the energy landscape).

Graphic direction: Vinzenz Hölzl

H2B Cityscape

H2B Magazine

Double-page spread for the second issue of H2B, the magazine for students and researchers in the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. Continue Reading →


R&D – Stencil print

I made a very limited edition of this stencil print as a result of the Copyroboter workshop held in Kotti-Shop in December 2012.


Carmen’s Dream

“I was studying in my house and a spirit appeared to me, and there were spirits everywhere. I was very scared and I told my mother but she didn´t believe me, until one day it was not me who saw spirits, it was my mother.” Continue Reading →


Aftermath series

The party was great, but this is the aftermath! A self initiated series of illustrations about the things we find scattered all around when the party is gone. And also a recurring theme in my drawings: the tension between order and disorder.


Schlangen series

This is a personal series of illustrations about people queuing (Schlange means “queue” in German). It’s an ongoing project, so further pieces will be optionally added to the set.



An illustrated booklet published by Ultrarradio as part of their Fotocop collection. Continue Reading →



Collaborations on the fanzine Colibrí, edited by Sergi Puyol and Toni Joan Mascaró in Barcelona. Continue Reading →


Una carta (A card)

Comic published by Apa-Apa in their webcomics section. The complete six page story can be read on the publisher’s website.



POMEZ is a self-published minicomic, an ongoing project in which I release the most spontaneous part of my work. Continue Reading →