Frankfurter Allgemeine

Full-page illustration for the Frankfurter Allgemeine under the title “Umbau der Energielandschaft” (Rebuilding the energy landscape).

Graphic direction: Vinzenz Hölzl

H2B Cityscape

H2B Magazine

Double-page spread for the second issue of H2B, the magazine for students and researchers in the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. Continue Reading →


R&D – Stencil print

I made a very limited edition of this stencil print as a result of the Copyroboter workshop held in Kotti-Shop in December 2012.


Carmen’s Dream

“I was studying in my house and a spirit appeared to me, and there were spirits everywhere. I was very scared and I told my mother but she didn´t believe me, until one day it was not me who saw spirits, it was my mother.” Continue Reading →